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Electronics & Others
Machinable Ceramic
MICALEX is an insulating material made by heating and compression-molding the mixture of natural or synthetic mica with glass powder. MICALEX is a precision machinable ceramic material, being excellent in stability in dimensions, heat resistance, electric insulasion, etc. MICALEX has long-standing sales records and is available in low cost.
  • Excellent electrical properties, especially in high frequencies
  • Arc resistant
  • Mechanically strong
  • Easily machinable
  • Stable in dimensions and shape
  • Thermal resistant
  • Water, oil and weather resistant
Ceramic Fiber Products
Ceramic Fiber
Ceramic fiber is inorganic fiber consisted of alumina and silica. We can supply also high purity product and high temperature product for max. 1800℃, so Ceramic Fiber is widely used in various industries, for example in a baking furnace for electronic components.
  • Good thermal resistance
    * Max. operating temperature 1260~1800℃
  • Good heat insulation property
  • Light weight and low heat storage performance
  • Resistible to rapid heating and cooling
  • Good sound absorbability
  • Good chemical stability
  • Easy to cut and process
  • Heat insulating material for smelting furnace and heating furnace
  • Substrate of curtain for fire protection and heat resistance
  • Protective sheet from welding spark
  • Heat resistant packing or cushioning material, etc.
High temperature insulation
Siliglass Tape/Sleeving/Rope/Yarn
Siliglass is high silicate fiberglass consisted of SiO2 by more than 96%. This is heat resistant and can be used for long hours under high temperature more than 1,000℃. Because of its excellent thermal durability, chemical stability and electrical insulation properties, Siliglass is widely used in various industries.
  • Asbestos Free
  • Heat resistance for long time use under 1000℃
  • Thermal shock resistance against rapid heating and cooling without loosing flexibility
  • Excellent heat insulation property
  • Low thermal shrinkage
  • Good workability
  • Sintering furnace for powder metallurgy
  • Glass melting furnace
  • Other various industrial furnace
Silicone Products
Silicone is polymer which consists of –Si-O-Si- with organic group. Silicone is chemical material having both organic and inorganic properties. In addition to being excellent in heat resistance, weather fastness and electric properties. Silicone products come in various forms such as rubbers and resins. Silicone is widely used in every industry and is an indispensible high performance material.
  • Liquid silicone rubber Adhesive seals / Coating on electric parts, etc. / Molding
  • Millable type silicone rubber Gaskets / Rolls / Insulating rubber parts / Heat resisting rubber parts / Flame resisting rubber parts
  • Silicone resin Heat resisting paints / Weather resisting / Chemical resisting paints / Release agents / Surface protection of plastics
  • Silicone oil Damper oils / Lubricating oils / Foam stabilizer / Lipsticks / Ointment
  • Silicone varnish for electrics High temperature insulator / Vanish for mica binding / Varnish for paints
  • Silicone varnish for paints Heat resisting paints / Weather resisting paints / Chemical resisting paints
  • Silicone as polymer additive Polyurethane foam stabilizer / Polyvinylchloride foam stabilizer / Leveling agent for paints
  • Silicone grease Lubricants for ball bearings, gas utansils and high temperature furnaces
  • Oil compounds Fillers for electric insulation, moistureproof seals, waterproof seals and heat release
  • Releasing Silicone Releasing agent for metal frame of concrete and casting mold / Prevention of copper wire adhesion
  • Defoaming Silicone Defoaming agent of paints and latexes mixture / Defoaming agent for waste water treatment
  • Water repellent Silicone Moistureproofing of switchboards / Surface protection of rubbers, etc. / Water repellent treatment
  • Silicone compounds Plastic modifier / Water repellent treatment of concrete and mortar
  • Silicone for household Adhesive sealing agents / Rust preventive lubricants / Protecting and polishing agents
  • Silicone for electronics Insulating materials / Potting materials / Coating materials
  • Silicone resin fine powder Modifier for rubbers, paints, synthetic resins and cosmetics, etc.
Silicone Rubber Products
WACOM Silicone Rubber Sheet
Wacom Silicone Rubber Products are used in wide industry fields such as semiconductor manufacturing, medical, food, electronics etc.
Silicone Rubber Sheet for General Purpose
Hardness : 50 JIS A
Color : opaque white
Dimensions Thickness Size
  0.5mm 300 x 300
  1mm 500 x 500
  1.5mm ditto
  2mm ditto
  3mm ditto
  4mm ditto
  5mm ditto
*Please contact us from contact form without hesitation, if you have any question or quotation request etc.
Special Silicone Rubber Sheet
Available hardness range is from 10 degrees to 90 degrees. We are able to meet requirements of special characteristics such as conductivity, noncombustibility, heat resistance, heat radiation, high tear resistance.
Masking Rubber Sheet for Lead Frame Plating
Masking Rubber Sheet for Lead Frame Plating
Wacom Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

We supply silicone rubber sheet of low hardness for masking for lead frame plating.
Hardness 0 ~20 (ASKER C)
Thickness 0.3 ~1.5 mm
Substrate PET film with adhesive tape, Bakelite, Others

Please inquire the specification of hardness, thickness and others.
For detail: PDF:Silicone_RubberMASK.pdf

Machining Parts
Machine Processing Parts
Property of parts manufacturing
In order to meet every requirement, skilled workers input an automatic program of processing conditions such as cutting conditions and tool exchanges. Machines work based on data acquired by such program.
Automatic processing by MC and NC enables to produce the parts of great variety efficiently.
Also, we have measuring tools of high precision for inspection and measurement so that we would produce products of high precision and high quality as required.
Natural Crystal and Silica
Natural High Purity Crystal and Silica

Natural crystal (lasca) is widely used as material of quartz glass and of artificial crystal. Natural silica quartz is the best material for optical glass, fused silica (for IC package).

Typical analysis values are as follows.

   PDF : laska.pdf 
Natural Mica
Natural Mica
We have been importing Muscovite and Phlogopite Mica from India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Brazil since 1937. Blocks, Splittings, Scraps, Flakes, Powder and Fabricated mica are available.
Plastic Products
Plastic Processing Products
We are prepared to meet customers’ various requirements. We have accumulated knowledge about resin ranging from general en-pla to super en-pla.
Fine Ceramics
Fine Ceramics
Fine Ceramics have characteristics and function which old basic materials such as metals and plastic do not have. As such, Fine Ceramics are greatly counted on by the various industries.
We assure you that we can give you dependable service in filling diversity of your needs by making available a complete line of our Fine Ceramics.
 ■ Alumina [ Al2O3 ]
  Alumina is outstanding in hardness, abrasion resistance and mechanical strength, and is also excellent in chemical resistivity and physical stability. Alumina has also such excellent characteristics as high heat conductivity and electric insulating property among other things.
 ■ Silicon Nitride [ Si3N4 ]
  Silicon Nitride is superior to Alumina in abrasion resistance, strength at high temperatures and thermal shock resistance. Silicon Nitride has also high corrosion resistance to molten metals and, therefore, its wide applications are expected to develop in the metal manufacturing industry.
 ■ Silicon Carbide [ SiC ]
  Silicon Carbide has mechanical and chemical superiority and has also extremely high heat conductivity among inorganic materials. Since Silicon Carbide retains its strength at high temperatures, its use is relied on as high temperature structural material in place of metalic materials.
 ■ Zirconia [ ZrO2 ]
  Because of its high hardness and toughness, Zirconia is becoming more and more popular as high performance material, structural material and basic material for daily necessities.
 ■ Cordierite [ 2MgO・2Al2O3・5SiO2 ]
  Being porous, Cordierite is used for heaters, heat exchanges and hart accumulators which must withstand rapid heating and quonching.
 ■ High Purity Mullite [ 3Al2O3・2SiO2 ]
  No alkali being contained, High Purity Mullite excels in high temperature stability, high temperature intensity, electric insulation, and creep resisting properties.
Product for high temperature furnace
Resistance temperature detectors & Thermocouple
Temperature sensor suited for various industrial equipment and facility. We have various line-up from standard shape to special shape.
Evaporation Materials 
Evaporation materials for thin films
Evaporation materials are sources for thin films used in broad variety of applications and industries, including anti-reflection coating of lenses, laser filters, mirrors, liquid crystal display panels, architectural glass, etc. We can supply evaporation materials manufactured in many types, sizes and shapes to meet various needs.  
  • Anti-reflection film
  • Filtering film
  • Transparent conductive film
  • Insulator film for IC
  • Thin film for display
  • Thin film for recording medium
  • Film for PV
  • Abrasion-resistant film
  • High corrosion-resistant film
  • Barrier film, etc.
List of Evaporation Material PDF
Functional Materials
Functional materials are evaporation materials, which are used to fabricate organic thin films having special functions such as water repellency, antifouling property or other non-optical properties. Unlike the conventional coating method using a solvent, it is possible to proceed to the water repellent or antifouling processing stage just after the anti-reflection coating process because the coating is done by vacuum evaporation.
Water repellent: reduces the adhesion of water drops, water marks
Antifouling: reduces the attachment of fingerprints, allows easy wiping and enhances durability
Scratch resistant: reduces the occurrence of scratches due to decreased friction
Low refraction: provides less impact on optical properties
Production process: vapor deposition coating made on SiO2, giving highest quality