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Value the fate of meeting each other,
we want to be a company
who provides the products
to meet the change of times
to contribute the society.

M.WATANABE, since started in 1930 as a trading company specialized to import and export, has been continuing to the business with a focus on the semiconductor manufacturing process related parts and equipments and also industrial materials and products, optical products and physical and medical related products. We appreciate all of your supports and also the efforts and activities of the employees that we could continue till present.

Having chance to encounter with people and with products, we procure and provide a variety of products required at the time. Also, as a manufacturing trading company, we provide products given shape to customers' needs such as APCVD System, Quartz Glass Products, Silicone Rubber Products, etc. with the original technology of our goup companies. We think it important to adapt to the change realizing the change through people, article, technology and dialogue. We keep trying our best to provide the products required at the time.

Nowaday, global environmental and society problems including climate change due to global warming are becoming more serious. On the other hand, the existence of semiconductors is being emphasized. By providing products related to semiconductor manufacturing, we will connect with environmental issues and digital technology, and contribute to a society where future children can live with peace of mind.

We appreciate your continuous support and patronage.
Please look forward to M.WATANABE in the future.

President & CEO Ichiki KUSUHARA


As a manufacturing trading company, we hone our technology to develop our company business and contribute to society by supporting the health and well-being of employees and people so that they may live an affluent life.


  1. We always act with a positive attitude and good spirit
  2. We hone our sensibility to capture true needs
  3. We provide safe, reliable, and high quality products
  4. We never stop making every effort to improve
  5. We actively work on the conservation and protection of the global environment

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