Environmentalism Policy


We highly cherish gift from the earth and hope that our children would be able to enjoy their life as we are doing now. We will make effort to prevent environmental disruption for coexistence of human being and other living things.


Each member of M.WATANABE & Co.,Ltd. intends to cut energy and sources that are currently consumed. For environmental protection, we declare our Policy as follows:

When we sell our products, we will pay full attention to formulate a system which is effective for environmental protection.

We will decide objectives about environmentalism and establish the revisable scope of Environment Management System. We will then endeavor to improve the System and prevent pollution.

We will obey the rules and regulations regarding our business activities and also other requirements we would judge necessary.

Our policy shall be announced in writing so that the policy would be understood and carried out by our employers, contractors, and other people who would work for our company.

Our policy shall be open to the public.


We are taking every possible measure to distribute products for environmental protection. Also, we endeavor to recycle semiconductor manufacturing systems, quartz products, glass products, polishing carriers.