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Other Repairs

We can repair electronic and industrial devices used primarily in semiconductor manufacturing systems.

ワークステーション修理 / Workstation Repair

  • ワークステーション修理 / Workstation Repair
  • 電源修理 / Power Supply Repair
  • サーボアンプ修理 / Servo Amplifiers Repair
  • モニター修理 / Monitor Repair

Repair of Electronic and Industrial Devices for semiconductor manufacturing system

  • Repair/Maintenance
  • Other Repairs

Significant cost advantages over purchasing products by identifying the repair parts and replacing them.
Repair of discontinued parts is also available.

Electronic and industrial devices used in old facilities as well as systems are currently difficult to obtain, and even if they are available, the price is very high!.
We can provide a stable supply at low cost by taking care of the device in use, identifying faulty parts, replacing the parts in question, and repairing the device.

■Identification of the faulty parts and replacement of the parts enables us to achieve low cost.
Before repairing, we diagnose the failure of the device in advance, identify the faulty parts and the parts to be replaced, then inform you of the repair cost.
■Stable supply
For parts that are difficult to obtain, we select equivalent or substitute parts to ensure a stable supply.
■The flow of repair completion
Receive the failed device (Please inform us of the symptom of the problem)

Acceptance, inspection, and submission of quotation (Please allow 1 week to 10 days after receiving the device)

The repair will start as soon as we receive your order(Please allow 2 weeks to 2 months for repair completion)
Repair time varies depending on the product, so we will inform you of the official delivery date after the failure diagnosis is completed.

After completion of repair and operation check, delivery.

*We also offer after-sales service, so please contact us if there are any problems following delivery.
*Please contact us for more information.



Electronic devices and industrial devices used in old facilities and systems are difficult to obtain parts for, let alone the products themselves.
In order to ensure the continued use of the device used, we select equivalent parts and replace or repair them to ensure a stable supply.
In addition, we do not modify any parts that have not been repaired or have no problems, so we can achieve significant cost advantages compared to purchasing products.

*Please contact us for more information.


【Applications】Electronic and industrial devices mainly used in semiconductor manufacturing system.
・Workstations (PCs)
・Power supplies, etc.
・Servo motors, servo amplifiers, drives, etc.
・Monitors, displays, touch panels
・Chillers, RPS, shutter units, O3 generators
・Matcher, cryopump, compressor

*We have a lot of experience in repairing products other than those listed above, so please contact us.
*We can also propose the replacement of the products themselves.


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