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PC Maintenance Related

We are pleased to introduce a workstation virtualization system as a countermeasure against the aging of legacy equipment control system PCs, many of which are in operation at semiconductor devices and wafer manufacturers.

仮想化システム / Virtualization of the Control System

  • 仮想化システム / Virtualization of the Control System

Virtualization of the Control System for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

  • Semiconductor and Industrial Components
  • PC Maintenance Related

Prolonging use, maintenance improvement, and system maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment that are no longer supported.
Control device life-prolonging treatment of aging, and expensive semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Virtualizes the operation of the semiconductor manufacturing system equipped with legacy devices and minicomputers/workstations of former DEC PDP, VAX, Alpha, and DMCC.
It is possible to replace its OS with modern and inexpensive, high-performance standard PCs, to perform existing applications, and to stabilize operation over a long period of time.

・Continuous use of existing software in stable operation
・No need to develop new applications
・Utilizes inexpensive, high-performance x86 systems
・Freeing from dependence on specific hardware vendors
・Low-cost and quick system migration

*Please contact us for more information.



There are many older systems which consist of former minicomputers/workstations, equipped with legacy equipment by semiconductor device manufacturers that are no longer in production or are no longer under maintenance.
As a countermeasure against the risk of the system itself becoming unusable due to minicomputer/workstation malfunction, we propose the replacement with a virtualization system.
We will provide you with detailed information after confirming the applicable system and the minicomputer/workstation model installed.

*Please contact us for more information.


We have experience in the virtualization of current legacy hardware (former DEC PDP, VAX, Alpha, DMCC, etc.) on minicomputers/workstations for various semiconductor manufacturing systems.
Virtualization frees you from the need to maintain obsolete hardware that is no longer in production.
New application development cost is not required which leads to a reduction in hardware maintenance costs.


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